Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beta Update 10/19/10

Before I get into the update I wanted to post a quick update on donations
Since our last blog update with donations the total was $856.49
Donation from KW $40 (1.46)

Total Current donation total is $895.03


Its with an extremely heavy heart that I post an update on our Beta (pregnancy bloodtest) For the last week we have seen negative pregnancy tests. I have become what I lovingly call a POAS-aholic. I wanted to take a test every time I had to go just hoping and praying that there would be some good news there. It was very sad and dissapointing to see negatives time after time. But I still held out hope that we had a "late implanter" and that we would still get our positive. The Kents DESERVE some good news. On beta day I just couldn't bring myself to take a pregnancy test at home....so I went to the appt and had my blood drawn and waited for the call. And sadly it was negative. So I was told to stop all injections and wait for my period to come.

I am so very sad for the Kent family. I really hoped after all this heartache that this was going to be a break for them finally! Why do good people have to go through such heartache.....

We don't know where we will go from here...There are no frozen embryos left to transfer. So the decision if we can try to retrieve more eggs or what we can do next will be a decision between the Dr and Maria. I've already told Maria I am here as long as they need me and am ready to try again when they are. Their family has a very special place in my heart and it just breaks knowing the heartbreak they have had.

My hubby, my kids and myself were lucky enough to spend some time with Maria, Hailey and Ryan this last weekend at the pumpkin patch. We managed to get a picture of Hailey and I. Camera wasn't taking very good pictures in the Pumpkin patch lighting and I used most of my battery taking video of the kids on this bungee jump thing otherwise I'd have more pictures. So I'll leave you with this one. Please send thoughts and prayers to the Kent family.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Its only been 2 days... But here I am :) Last day of bedrest. I've caught up on lots of shows. Taken more naps in a day than I have I think in my life and had lots of yummy food thanks to all the great people who bought/brought us meals!! My belly is full of lots of good food and hopefully a nice growing little bean or two. I'm starting to overanalyze all my symptoms if and what they are and what they mean. So I'm glad there is stuff to be done in the next few days to pass the time. I hope that this week brings great news for the Kent Family!! We have 8 more days til our Beta test so please pray for the Kent family and the little embryos in my belly. I hope they are resting comfortably in there.

So I guess this is just a rambling post...just passing the time...

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers....Please keep em coming!!


Friday, October 8, 2010


Last night with a very nervous stomach I prayed and prayed that there would be some good news today. We learned that they thawed the 16 frozen embryos this week and that 10 made it to thaw but only 9 of those were up for being sent to testing. So this morning we headed to the drs for transfer after hearing we had 2 matches!! When we got to the office (bare with me I've still got some valium in me so I'm alittle off) :) we found out the 2 we had to transfer were, 1 grade A 8 cell embryo and 1 grade B 6 cell embryo. I am still fuzzy on this part but I believe one was a morula and one was a blast....I'll have to check with Maria later.

So now we need these embies to STICK!!!!! So prayers, sticky vibes whatever you got well appreciate it!!! Beta is scheduled for 10/18. Hopefully we'll have some great news for the Kent family!!!!

But for now I'm resting comfortably with lots of shows to watch, sleep to be had and texts to respond to :) Big thank you to my brother for helping with school pick up today! And my hubby and kids for putting up with me and being awesome letting me rest and waiting on me hand and foot. My friends/family for all the thoughts/prayers and offers of help!! And especially Maria and the Kent family... for letting me be a part of this and letting me try to help you! I hope I have some great news for you soon!!! xoxoxo

I may have to come back to add more info as I remember...when I'm not so fuzzy :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update 9/30/10

Well I figured its been a while I should probably get on here and post an update. Its been a crazy month that just flew by and I've been dealing with my sick kids so its been hard for me to get much done lately.

It was nice the month flew by so quickly because now we are only ONE week away from our next scheduled transfer. YAY!! I have been doing my Delestrogen Shots for 2 weeks now. And will be starting the other big shot, which is the progesterone, this weekend. I'm feeling really good, no bruises or lumps from the shots yet :) I also had my usual weekly drs appt today for my blood draw and lining check. Everything looked great!!

I pray daily that we will get some good news next friday. There are 15 frozen embryos and the Drs will be taking them out to thaw this next week. And hopefully we have a few matches for Hailey.

So thats basically all thats going on right now. Which is why I haven't updated in awhile. :) But I wanted to come on and send a BIG thank you for the donations we've received since our last update. I will list them below :) Thank you so much again for everything you all do for us. You are all amazing!! :)

Previous blog entries donations total $575.51

LL (Scentsy Fundraiser) $51.17
LE $100
CC (Fundraiser) $134 (4.19)

So the current total of donations is $856.49

YAY!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Hailey, pray for her and her family and to help with this amazing cause.

I will for sure be updating in the next week as we find out more about the embryos. I hope we are able to bring you all great news!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Go to Disneyworld & Benefit Hailey!!!

Some amazing people have had this offer available and I wanted to post it here so we can hopefully generate some bookings which means donations for Haileys fund!!!

They have a 3 bedroom 3 bath home with a pool just 2.7 miles from Disney World that they rent out regularly. They are offering a portion of the proceeds to go to Hailey...Here is the information....Please keep in mind this is for Florida's Disney not California :)

"For anyone interested in a Disney vacation, if you rent our home, you will get a nightly rate of $85 a night ($95 during very peak seasons, like Easter) and 20% of the proceeds will go directly to Hailey Kent. You can email me directly at info@mickeysmagicalmanor.com if you have any questions. Please feel free to post this offer on FB, and pass it along to your friends & family. I will extend this offer to anyone who tells me they are booking for Hailey. Visit www.mickeysmagicalmanor.com for pictures & more details of the home!

Also, we have a home in Sarasota, FL that we rent out (by the month). It's booked for next February-April, but if you guys have parents/inlaws who go South for the Winter, it is available October through the end of January. I would gladly give the Kent's 20% of that booking as well! You can email me at the same email address if you are interested." You can view the house here

A BIG Thank you for this amazing offer!! I know that there are people who have taken advantage of booking this home and we thank you for helping Hailey!! You can become a fan of Mickey's Magical Manor on Facebook here

I also wanted to take a few to thank some people I haven't thanked on here yet and I'm very sorry I haven't. For those who have sent us "packages" we are so greatful for your help! And I'd like to say a big thank you to the lovely woman from our surrogate message board who generously sent me 2 boxes of maternity clothes (super cute too). We are so very thankful for each and every person how ever you can help, big or small.

Since my last update we have one more donation to add to the list. THANK YOU!!

Last entry total $430.16

KC-$150 (4.65)

Current donations total $575.51

I hope you all got a chance to see the video I posted on the previous update. Hope to update soon with more good news!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hope for Hailey! at OneTrueMedia.com

Please turn up your speakers to hear the music.

Update for 9/7/10

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a great long holiday weekend. I finally have some new updates to post so here I am. :)
The partial match we mentioned in the previous update was not enough of a match to Hailey to help her according to the drs. So we are moving forward praying there is at least 1 great match, hopefully more, in the frozen embryos. I am back on track for getting ready to transfer. I saw our awesome Dr this morning and things are looking great. We set a date to transfer and that will be October 8th. Of course this is all based on finding matches in those frozen embryos. So next week I'll begin the injections again to prepare my body. :)

I have a few updates on the fundraising

previous total $210.16

TA- $20
DMM- $200

Current Total $430.16

Thank you so much for all your continued thoughts, prayers and donations. We appreciate everything!! Just a note for those who don't understand what the fundraising goes to and to answer a few questions I have heard from others..... The funds that we raise will go towards medical bills and expenses between cycling/transfer and hopefully a nice long 9 month pregnancy. The money goes into an account so that these bills can be paid. The Kents have a lot of bills from Haileys treatments which is why they needed a non-compensated surrogate. We do have some great people volunteering lots of different services (ex: lawyers, drs) but it is still an expensive process.

I've been told recently I'm an angel for doing this. But I don't think I am an angel.....I think I am a mother and a human being who would do anything possible to help the Kents because god forbid it was my child who was sick. I would pray there was someone out there who would jump at the chance to help potentially save my childs life.

This last weekend I was messing around on this website online and I thought I would try to make a new video/pic montage showing part of Hailey's story. I found a song that just put me into a river of tears and it just fits Hailey so well because she is so amazing. Amazing in her strength that she is showing. So I finished the slideshow and I will be attempting to post it here. I'm still new to this blogging so hopefully I can get it on here. Otherwise I will just post a link to it. I hope we can use this video to spread the word to your friends and family to see if we can get more help for Hailey. Whether you can donate financially or you get yourself registered with the National Bone Marrow registry you are taking steps foward to help Hailey. And we appreciate everything you all do to help. There was so much more I wanted to put in the video but the song has a limit and I could go on for hours with it. I had to stop somewhere :)

A lot of you may be just seeing this blog for the first time and don't know Hailey's story but I know there are alot of you that do know her story. I just wanted to say to all of you, thank you. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to learn about this beautiful little girl.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Update 8/27/10

Most of you reading have read updates on SMO or probably have heard from Maria or myself as to what happened transfer day.

I'm sad to say we were unable to transfer Wednesday. There was 1 match to Hailey in the 12 that were sent and according to the dr, that embryo was not a good quality and was not looking good. There was 1 that was a partial match but we are unsure of exactly how partial. We did not want to transfer an embryo that would not benefit Hailey. That would basically defeat the purpose of trying to find Hailey a match. So they are freezing the embryo that was a partial until the drs can figure out if that partial would be benefically to Hailey. I was taken off the meds and for now we are waiting for my period to return. Once it does we will take it from there.

The Kents have 15 frozen embryos from an egg retrieval Maria had earlier this year. So once my period comes and we begin the process and they will be planning to thaw those 15 embryos. Depending on how many make it after the thaw, we will try and see if there is a match in there for Hailey.

I am really sad to see the Kent Family disappointed again. I can't imagine how they feel. I really hope and pray there are matches in the frozen embryos. So I am staying positive that there will be something for us in those embies.

The Kent Family holds a very special place in my heart as well as my families and we are here to do whatever it takes to help them get Hailey her match!

Just a small update on the donations...

Previous balance from last blog update $200.75

BR-$10 (.59)

Current total minus paypal fees $210.16

Thank you for your support! If anyone has an idea for fund raising to help the Kent Family please let me know. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update for 8/24/10

Well here we are on the night before transfer....can't believe the day is finally here. Feels like it took forever to get here but at the same time its going so fast! We know that 12 eggs were sent to be tested but so far that is all we know. We should know how many are matches tomorrow! I want so much for this to work for the Kent Family. They deserve a break in the heartache they have had. So if you can please pray for us tomorrow or if you don't pray thats ok we'll take some "sticky vibes" too! :)

On facebook I have this app thats called Today God wants you to know. And yesterdays was "On this day, God wants you to know ... that all is well. All is going according to plan. Trust that there is a bigger picture. Trust that life is unfolding as it should."
And todays says "On this day, God wants you to know...You've been worrying too much about the future lately. So tonight, go ahead, put your faith in God, and just have a peaceful evening and a restful sleep"

I believe we came into eachothers lives for a reason and at the right time. And I hope and pray that all the pieces will fall together and they will get the gift they so much deserve, want and need!

I hope to have a great update for you all soon!
Thank you again for all your support!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Update 8/20/10

Sorry its been a little while since I updated last. We've been waiting for some good news to update you all with :)

So since our last update things have been going really well! Maria responded well to the meds and had her Egg Retrieval early this morning. They were able to retrieve 32 eggs! And the dr said 25 of those are mature and he is happy! So awesome news there! Maria is resting now recovering from her busy morning. We should hear tomorrow how many fertilized and then off they go to be tested for Hailey's match along with the frozen ones that Maria already has. So everything is looking great. Transfer is going to be Wednesday the 25th which is just 5 short days away! I am continuing on my delestrogen and just started my progesterone. So when the transfer time comes my body will be nice and ready for those beautiful embryos. (BIG thanks to my hubby for doing those injections for me xoxo)

We have just a few donations to add to the list and a correction to one. There was a .45 fee from Paypal that I forgot to list in one of the previous postings so I will repost the entire donation list and correct amount and give the current total. If you have donated and you don't see you initials on her then I did not receive your donation. You might want to check your paypal account and make sure it cleared to the right email address because I know there were some that were being sent to the wrong email address. Thank you again for your donations! Hopefully we can find some ways to bring in some more donations to help the Kents!!

KM-$5 (.45)
Homemade Gourmet sales so far-$18
KF-$5 (.45)
BT-$5 (.45)
NS-$5 (.45)
SE-$5 (.45)

That brings the total of donations, minus the Paypal fees shown, to $200.75

My friend Lupe extended the Scentsy fundraiser from July as well!


And on the left side you will see "My Open Parties" You need to Click on the "buy from party" next to the "Help Hailey Kent Fundraiser" so that the proceeds on anything you purchase will go to Haileys Fund. Big Thank you Lupe for extending that!!

If anyone else has a fundraiser going on for Hailey please let me know so I can add it to the blog!

Thank you again for all your support!! I will try to update as we get news in the next 5 days and hopefully we will be sharing some great news with you very soon! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update for today!

Hi all, hope everyone's week is going well. Just wanted to update on our appt today and also on the latest donations.

Everything was well today and is moving along very nicely as to be expected. I am starting on Delestrogen tomorrow. Maria will be beginning her meds Monday to prepare for her Egg Retrieval. So everything is right on track and so far our dates for transfer are still around the 23-25th of August. Which is just right around the corner. Very exciting! We will be back at the Drs next week to see how things are moving along.

Just wanted to take a minute or ten LOL to thank you again for all the thoughts and prayers and of course the generous donations. Thank you to those who are taking their own time to make siggys on SMO so people will donate. You all take the time to think, pray and donate to Help Hailey, some of you know her, some of you don't. But the fact that you do so either way is just amazing! You are all amazing!! I have had the awesome pleasure of meeting and spending time with the entire Kent family on multiple occasions since we are blessed to live so close and we enjoy their company everytime we get together. I feel so blessed to have met them and our kids absolutely adore them too. So thank you even if you have never met Hailey for offering those thoughts, prayers and/or donations. I'm sure there will never be words to express how much all of that means to their family.

Also a huge thank you to all those that have been here helping and supporting us. We are so greatful to the Drs and staff at Fertility and Surgical Associates, Jamie & Dana at Surrogacy Options for doing our matching, screenings, etc and answering all my questions :) And Hilary Neiman and Theresa Erickson for doing the contracts representing The Kents and I. And thank you to my friend Kira, without you I never would have known the Kents and their story in the first place. Thank you for putting me in contact with Maria, answering my silly questions, and for being such a good friend. And a big thank you to my awesome family and friends for being so supportive and offering your help from babysitting or fundraising. And my hubby and kids for putting up with me thru the hormones and the shots. I love you guys! And to Maria and Rick thank you for giving me the opportunity to try and help you and for being so strong. I don't know the feelings of your pain nor your struggles from personal experience and I can't even imagine. But I do know you are amazing people with amazing strengths inside and an amazing love for your beautiful daughter!

Ok I have to quit now because these hormones make me emotional. So back to the donations :)

Balance from the last update was $ 105

Homemade Gourmet sales so far $18

Which brings the current total to $190.10

I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of Hailey courtesy of Toki Lee Photography. Just in case you didn't know Hailey won a cutest kid contest and this is one of the pictures from their session. She's such a doll!!!